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During this course you will go at your own pace and learn to access the database of records or library commpnly known as Akashic As well as Learning about soul groups, A soul's journey , their planetary exploration, their soul purpose and much more. All material is downlaodable as well as video live session and audio . You have the option to also bring a client to the records themselves uisng a guided meditation or chart it for them .


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All content is by video and documents are available to download on course start date via your login as a student. On successful completion and submitting your case study you will receive a digital certificate enabling you to practice right away.Transforming lives and healing.You can go at your own pace and receive regular updates through the course content.

Soul's Journey

What planets have they incarnated into and how has this effected this incarnation

Akashic Records

Accessing this database of information about all their lives and future lives especially this one

Align to their highest Vibration

What spiritual Abilities and architypes do they have , how can they use them, what is their ideal job

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